Compile for desktop


The only requirement to compile Die Brummbeere is Qt, which you can download from here:

This will in contain all the Qt libraries and the Qt Creator, which we will use to compile Die Brummbeere on desktop computers.

Windows, Mac and Linux

Note: Playing music won’t currently work on Windows, due to a missing feature in Qt, i.e. streaming audio from password protected URLs. This is an open issue in the Qt bugtracker and might be solved in future Qt versions.

On desktop computers Die Brummbeere can be compiled just like any other Qt software. You may clone the git repository or just download and unzip the current master branch. When you clone you have to pull in all submodules (currently Die Brummbeere uses the project beere-qml-components). On Mac or Linux just open a shell and type:

$ git clone
$ cd brummbeere
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

This will create a folder named brummbeere, which contains a folder src with the code of Die Brummbeere. Just open the project file in the Qt Creator and build and run the project.

For manual compilation on the command line you have to call qmake followed by make in the src folder:

$ cd src
$ qmake
$ make

This will create a binary brummbeere in the mainapp folder.